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FiR Audio was founded in 2018 by two brothers, Bogdan and Alex Belonozhko and their friend Daniel Lifflander. Between them they have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced in-ear monitors while they were at 64 Audio. At FiR Audio, they are able to produce the next generation of IEM products, again pushing the boundaries of IEM technology.

In 2019 FiR Audio released the M-Series, their first line of In-Ear Monitors which gained considerable popularity from professional musicians and audiophiles all around the world. Featuring proprietary IEM technologies which all work together to provide the most natural and enjoyable listening experience. Including the ATOM venting system, Direct Aperture Acoustics, Tactile Bass, and the ultra-durable RCX connector. The M-Series showcased FiR Audio’s knowledge, expertise, and capabilities and cemented their reputation as a high-end in-ear monitor company.

Along the way, FiR Audio also tackled some of the biggest unsolved issues when it came to cleaning and maintaining in-ear monitors. This resulted in FiR Audio launching the IEM Vacs, followed later by the IEM Dryers. The perfect solution for audiophiles and monitor engineers who want to maintain their in-ears and keep them at peak performance at all times, also preventing repairs and down time.

Two years later, in 2021 FiR Audio released the Frontier Series, which includes the flagship Xenon 6, Krypton 5, and Neon 4 models. Packed with revolutionary technologies such as Kinetic Bass, a hybrid conduction technology which enables a very rich and natural bass, ATOM XS, the next generation ATOM module, Open Acoustics System, with Open Drivers that don’t use sound tubes, and Rigid Technologies that provide industry leading durability and serviceability of the IEMs. The Frontier Series comes in both Custom-Fit and Universal-Fit models.