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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Custom In-Ear Monitors are made to perfectly fit into your personal ears and provide you two main benefits: to greatly reduce the noise levels around you (safer for your hearing), and to give you full control over your monitoring mix (to facilitate your performance on stage). We make our CIEMs to fit perfectly and you’ll forget about them and just enjoy the benefits of a great monitoring mix!

Visit our How to Order Custom IEMs page by clicking here.

If you need your CIEMs faster than the standard build-time estimate, we have a Rush Processing option available. There are additional fees to prioritize your order in the production queue:

5 Business Day build – $199
3 Business Day Build – $399

The Rush Processing build-time starts from the day we receive usable ear impressions at the FiR Audio production lab.

Our Custom IEMs are made from a medical-grade hypo-allergenic acrylic. We make the IEM chassis (also known as a shell) thicker so that they are more durable.

An audiologist is essentially an ear doctor that can make ear impressions of your actual ears. Its important that you communicate to your audiologist that you need impressions for a Custom In-Ear Monitor. To find an audiologist, click here. We highly recommend to print and bring with you our Impressions Guide.

Our standard build time (from the day we receive usable impressions) is 2-4 weeks. If you have a specific date you need them by, please contact customer service.

We offer an Expedited Build option. If you have a specific date you need them by, please contact customer service.

When first wearing a new Custom In-Ear Monitor, it may take a few days for your ears to get used to them. It’s normal to feel some mild discomfort in the beginning. We recommend that you wear them for 2 weeks before determining if a fit adjustment is needed. If you experience any sharp pain, take the IEMs out and contact customer service.

Yes, we offer a CIEM Remolding Service for FiR Audio Custom IEMs. We also offer an owner transfer option, if you purchased your Custom IEM from a 3rd party. The pricing is as follows:

Same Owner/ Owner Transfer

Remold M3 $500
Remold M4 $600
Remold M5 $700
Remold Ne4 $600
Remold Kr5 $700
Remold Rn6 $800
Remold Xe6 $900

If you are experience a Sound Issue or product has physical damage, click here to diagnose the issue and if needed, submit the IEMs for repair.

If you’re experiencing a Fit Issue, please click here for more information.

ATOM (Air Transferring Open Module) is a pressure relief system that vents pressures that build up in a sealed ear canal. Greatly reducing listener fatigue so you can listen longer and hear better.

Our Custom In-Ear Monitors come with a Limited 3-Year Warranty. 
Our Universal-Fit products come with a Limited 1-Year Warranty.

Click here to read more details about our product warranty.

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