Custom And Universal In-Ear Monitors by Fir Audio

The latest and greatest parts and materials have been selected to create a smashing lineup of Hybrid IEMs. Ranging from Dual to Five drivers, these monitors pack a punch no matter what price bracket appeals to you. The M5 flagship touting the unique Direct Aperture technology gives an unmatched performance for comfort and detail. The most recent FIVExFIVE Universal IEM has brought a more production friendly "Sound Reactor" Design that takes all the good stuff from Direct Aperture and packs it into an Every Day Carry IEM. All Fir Audio IEMs have the pressure relieving ATOM filters internally, while a removable option (ATOM X) for custom products is also available. Unlike competitors, Premium Custom Faceplate options are no extra charge on FiR's custom IEM designer. We offer myriad options from which to chose including the most exotic looking finishes and, as always, build quality second to none. See what FiR's store page has to offer.

- Bogdan Belonozhko and the FiR Audio team

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