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ATOM Venting technology

ATOM Venting

Air Transferring Open Module. A pressure relief system that vents pressures that build
up in a sealed ear canal. Greatly reducing listener fatigue so you can hear more and listen longer.

No more pressure. Just easy listening.

With a traditional in-ear monitor, your ear canal is completely sealed and when the diaphragm of the miniature speakers (driver) is moving to create sound, it creates air pressure which has no way to escape and directly impacts your ear drum. This air pressure triggers your ear’s acoustic reflex which tightens the ear drum to protect the ear from loud sounds and causes listener fatigue. Triggering this emergency acoustic reflex can lead to hearing loss in the long term.

ATOM Venting Technology

Listen safer. Listen longer.

With the ATOM venting system, your ear drums can stay in their natural relaxed position and you can listen to music longer and safer without your ears getting tired. The soundstage is wider and feels more natural like an open-ear listening experience but with all the benefits of in-ear monitors. 

Interchangeable for different flavors.

The ATOM technology comes in 4 different options which provide different levels of isolation and bass. The Frontier Series Universal-Fit models comes with the super ergonomic and easily swappable ATOM XS modules and the Custom-Fit models come with your choice of internal ATOM or the ATOM X modules which are also interchangeable.

ATOM X and ATOM XS Technology
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