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Introducing KINETIC BASS

A hybrid conduction technology that takes the In-Ear Monitor sound experience to a whole new level. Kinetic Bass is bass you can feel.

Kinetic Bass

Connect with your music on a deeper level.

Traditional in-ear monitors often lack depth and feel because they only provide you with half the sound. When you listen to music in a natural open-ear environment, you hear sound in two ways: air conduction and bone conduction. Air conduction is sound that you hear with your eardrums. Bone conduction is the conduction of sound through the bones in your head as it reaches the inner ear (cochlea). Hybrid conduction is when you can hear with both, air conduction and bone conduction.

Air Bone Conduction
Kinetic Bass Driver

A bass you not only hear, but can also feel.

Kinetic Bass technology features a 10mm dynamic driver that is open and ported in an optimized manner directly facing the outside of the IEM shell. This allows low frequency sound to be transmitted directly to the ear cartilage and surrounding area. These low frequencies are converted to kinetic energy and reach the inner ear via bone conduction. This results in a more immersive sound with a bass you can feel with increased dimension and an off-the-charts low frequency extension.

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